Surgery day, excitement and apprehension #cochlear #implantation

October 1, 2007 (The day of the surgery)

6:15 am pre-op – I am a nervous wreck. Jennifer is worried too, I can tell, but we are doing what we think is best. Her parents and mine are here and they are trying to hold conversations to lighten the mood, I am having none of it. I just want people to leave me alone and let me concentrate on what is going on at this time. I know people are just trying to be supportive, but I am in no mood to discuss what is happening right now.

7:30 am – They took Landon to the OR. This the first time we have had to give him up to someone else and trust them with his life. That was very hard, but Landon was relaxed and ready to go. They gave him some drugs to relax him, where are mine?

8:30 am – We just received a message that the surgery has begun. It was delayed a bit because the anesthesiologist needed to clear the tanks out based on some past medical history in my family. It is something that happened to a distant uncle of mine years ago when he had surgery, my mom told me about it and to inform the anesthesiologist of the issue. He was a bit surprised at receiving the information because it is something very rare, but assured us he would take every precaution to safeguard against any problems.

10:30 am – The surgeon came out and said everything was done and the audiologist had just gone in to do the NRT testing.

11:30 am – We were back in recovery with him. It took him most of the day to sleep off the anesthesia (and the small dose of morphine they gave him right after to help until the Tylenol had kicked in) He would wake up, take a bottle, and then go right back to sleep.

1:00 pm – 10:00 pm – We have checked into the hotel attached to the hospital. We decided to stay there for the night just incase there was something to get concerned about, but everything went off as expected. Back in the hotel following surgery – he ended up spending the day in a diaper and towel because he kept soaking through everything after all the IV fluids they gave him. Around 10:00 last night he woke up wanting to play. He kept trying to roll over but couldn’t because of the large bandage on his head. We went for his post-op this morning and the doctor took off the big bandage so he just has the tape strips over the incisions. We talked with the audiologist for a minute and she said they got full insertion of the electrodes on both sides and that everything tested perfectly. He was playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake in the office so he is pretty much back to his normal, happy self. He is surprisingly happy and did not seem to be feeling any major pain following the surgery.

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