Educational Technology

May the MOOC be with you

August 26, 2012 Dr. Eric Seneca 0

The MOOC is the hot topic in the ed tech circles. Reading a few articles got me thinking about the future. It seems to me that many of my colleagues in technology are falling into […]

Cochlear Implant

Learn 2 Listen app published

May 30, 2010 Dr. Eric Seneca 0

The Auditory-Verbal approach is a parent-oriented therapy system that seeks to teach deaf students, through the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants, the ability to understand spoken language in order to communicate through the […]

Educational Technology

Feedback from the app store

May 27, 2010 Dr. Eric Seneca 0

The Ling 6 Sound Application has been a great success. There have been a small number of downloads with positive feedback. Most of the feedback makes a good deal of sense. One suggestion was to […]

Educational Technology

Students teaching students

April 11, 2010 Dr. Eric Seneca 0

Over the past six months, I have been working purchasing and configuring computer equipment for children-in-need. The purpose of this is for my students to obtain the necessary technology skills via through the process of […]

Cochlear Implant

Get in iPod touch with sound

February 26, 2008 Dr. Eric Seneca 0

Everyone’s mother has told them, playing that iPod to loud will make you deaf, but what if you turned the volume to its highest level and heard nothing? For 1 in every 1,000 children born […]