Dear Friend,

On September 27, 2006 my third son was born, Landon Nicholas. At five weeks, my wife and I were confronted with the reality of a diagnoses; profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Having no experience with hearing loss, we had no idea what this would mean for our son and began to search for as much information that we could find. We found many different methods for educating our son and many of these tracks are built around significant believe that ASL (American Sign Language) should be the dominant form of communication for hearing impaired individuals. That event is what spurred me into completed my academic career and began researching areas of for special needs children education.

During and after my educational career, I created a blog called Over the years that blog has served as my voice to the cochlear implant community. I have found that the UME label has limited my writing in other academic areas. For instance, my major field is computer science and educational technology, but took the time to get a minor in history and politics. After completing my PhD at Louisiana State University, I began writing about various topics including educational technology, cochlear implantation, us politics and learning. In recent years different approaches to deaf education has rely heavily on advancements in technologies, such as cochlear implants.

As the readership of UME grew, I found that I was not posting as much because I had other areas of research that were not specific to cochlear implantation. For example, I have spent many years working on and writing about virtualization. During these times, I have maintained a couple of different blogs at different URLs segregating everything into different sites. Although it was nice to serve a specific audience with each site, the management and expense of these sites became overwhelming. So after much deliberation, I have decided to consolidate all my academic and application work into single source.

American scholar was born…


Eric Seneca, PhD